Sunday, February 10, 2008

new project!!!

New Project for CFC= totally cool! We each picked out a 20th century work of art, wrote a page description of it, and then traded descriptions with other people in class. We take the description and make our own worked based off of that. 
Mine is a 'photo-realistic charcoal drawing', black and white, of a woman sitting next to an old-fashioned sewing machine in a room. The page is divided down the middle by a wall, and behind you can see a bedroom with boxes stacked untidily around, and paper clippings on the wall. 
I've been looking in photography books, and I found a picture of a woman taken by Cecil Beaton that I LOVE, and I've based the woman in my work off of her. I was looking for someone a little depressed, because I imagine the woman in my piece to be rather forlorn and hopeless, since she's stuck in a room with a bunch of sewing to do. 

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