Monday, August 4, 2008

Newspaper Ad

My mom has me make all her ads and shtuff for her business Woolderness, which is a fiber arts studio (and I have her blog linked here, so go look at it!!), and I recently designed one for the Weekly Wave newspaper. Since I am me, obviously it was done at the last minute, with me racing my bike to the studio on my day off to turn it into the newspaper guy who came up from St. Ignace. I missed him (go figure, right?), so we had to fax it in. The guy calls a few days later, saying that the fax was extremely poor quality, and that I should scan and e-mail it to him immediately, because he's on a deadline. I'm at work when he calls, and I ask if he can wait like 5 hours until I get off, but no, he needs it NOW. So my mom comes down and watches the shop for me so I can ride my bike home really quick, scan it, e-mail it, and hope that the guy receives it so I don't have to ride home AGAIN. That's when I realized that I had spit my gum out into the paper that had the design on it. It was quite a fiasco. But totally worth it when I saw my ad in the paper (kicking all the other ads in the pants).


Andy Conroy said...

Awesome story! those other ads didn't even see it coming!

Roxanne said...

How can I copy my logo to my blog! I might even want to use it for my website, which I have begun to work on. I love that sheep!