Friday, September 12, 2008

Haven't posted in the longest time due to schoolwork craziness. I don't remember being this freaked out about classes last year, but then I suppose my art teachers weren't such rough graders. 
Anyways, I've been working on lots of stuff:
1. Camouflage project for CFC II- camouflaged a TV remote sitting on an antique couch (in critique it was abused because remotes are camouflaged on their own anyway even without my added paint), and an egg in an egg carton (turned out a LOT better, people couldn't even see it at first! But still biffed the critique due to my great lack of communication skills.)
2. Illustrated a book cover for author Jeff Klein, from Ann Arbor. 
3. In the process of learning how to create stop motion animations in TMP III class (I am HOPELESS with digital, I swear!) 
4. Learning monotype in Printmaking class! I'm so excited about what my artwork outside of school will look like once I get through this class, mixing printmaking with watercolor and collage...!!.. So many possibilities, I'm freaking out. 
5. Submitted some interpretations of the North Face logo for this competition thinger. They wanted a more 'urban skate/surf' look, which I might've accomplished?... I don't know. 

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