Saturday, December 4, 2010

No art to post today, unfortunately. I have been chained most of the day to my laptop, desperately trying to pop out a 10 page paper for my Holocaust class (on page 6 currently!!). I need to be working on my mock senior presentation, which I will be giving to my small group in IP on tuesday. I still need to take pictures for that. Shoot. I am a trainwreck. So many things to do, nowhere near enough time. And I have to make Christmas presents still. Geez Louise. I wish that I could just stop time for like....2 days. I think that would be enough time for me to catch up on things. Anyways, here's a happy picture of my house family!!

P.S. I'm going to the Four Corners this May on another Eco-Explorers trip!!! Yay Joe Trumpey!!

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