Friday, November 25, 2011

I heart you Kat McLeod

Kat McLeod is one of my favorite artists in the world! She is based in Melbourne, Australia, and has done lots and lots of art for lots and lots of people. And she seems so so nice--there's a great little interview about her here, and you can watch a clip of how she makes her art! I first saw her stuff when I was flipping through a Real Simple magazine, and she had illustrated an article about... clothes? I don't know. She had the most gorgeous pictures of pencil girls with fabric/embroidery/sequined clothes, so it had to be fashion something, right? Anyway, since then I have become obsessed her work AND getting some of mine into Real Simple. Someday. It's going to happen. But yes, I would give almost anything to own one of her pieces!!! Without further ado, here is some of her beautiful art! The Jacky Winter Group has a lot more of her work if you want to see!

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