Sunday, January 29, 2012

Too busy

So much for violin practice. I will pick that up in February again, hopefully. Currently I'm getting ready for the Maker's Market Arts & Craft fair that will be held in Hessel for Snowsfest on Feb. 19th! And for my gallery show/opening reception on March 9 at Alberta House up in the Soo, which I am incredibly excited about!

Here are a couple poster designs I did---one is for Art Hop, the community arts exhibition/competition that the Artisan Co-op is putting on, and the other is for my friend Josh, who had his senior recital yesterday.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolution---violin practice!

Happy New Year!! One of my resolutions is to practice my violin more, because this summer the Soo Theatre will be performing Rodger & Hammerstein's Carousel, and I very much would like to be in the pit orchestra! So to help me out and keep me on track, I made this practice chart for January, where I can fill in for each day I practiced. If anyone would like to download it, that's perfectly fine, and I hope your January practicing goes well! I'll be making one for each month until try-outs for orchestra, probably sometime in May, so check back and grab one in February. I know that when I was younger my violin teacher made one of these and turned it into a contest between all of her students to see who could complete it the fastest. We were very competitive, and in the end it was based off of what time on the final day we finished practicing (9am, and I got the prize, YES!).