Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Being Productive Feels Awesome

I'm so glad that my show is happening at The DAAC. I have been 12 times as productive as usual---such a good feeling! Also motivating me is my incredibly talented roommate Lucy Engelman. Some of the stuff she pops out blows my mind--I'm such a lucky duck to be working in the same studio with her!

Some good things have been happening:

Some of my illos are in My Table magazine, out of Houston! The article is Bees in the City, and I did a full page spread of Texas wildflowers...omg I loved doing it so much--flowers flowers flowers please and thank you.

I've done some stuff for Amelia's magazine: a review of this band called TOY, and an article about Easter. Amelia's is kind of the coolest.

And then I've already posted about The Pen Pals here---some of my good illustrator friends from art school who formed a collective. Love them. Last week's theme was Treehouse (which was such a good one!!!), and this week's is Mess. I'm already halfway done with it, and am really pumped to post it.

Here is a dog and a treehouse---

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