Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Super geeked

I just created a facebook page for my art, and I'm super pumped that 171 people have liked it. I know that in the facebook world, 171 is...not a lot. Minuscule, actually. But I'm geeked about it anyway! I feel so popular! Here's the link, right here!, if anyone wants to check it out and....oh, I don't it. Or whatever.

My mom has the coolest shop in the world, Woolderness, a fiber arts studio that teaches spinning (the wheel, not the bike, DUH), weaving, needle felting, twining, and lots of other really great fiber-y things. There's also a bunny who lives there (THE MOST ADORABLE CREATURE IN THE WORLD WHY HAVE I NOT MADE ART ABOUT HER YET???), and my line of greeting cards. Check it out, I made some new designs----

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