Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Betsy is Babe'n

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in my Bow Project! My bow is fixed and I am happily making some nice pieces for you all. I actually got a few in the mail last week----keep a lookout for yours if you haven't received it yet, it's coming I promise! I'm getting a reality check right now---art fairs are coming up and I need to get on the stick. First up in June is Art on the Mall in Kalamazoo on June 7 & 8---I'm very excited about this one! I did the KIA Bronson Park last year, which happens at the same time, and so I'm interested to see how this one is going to go. And I get to stay with my beyond cool Aunt Susan. So....it's going to be the best weekend ever? That actually wasn't a question. And my mom is coming too, so, yeah this is going to be the best! 

Did I write about how I am an invited artist to the Ann Arbor Art Fair, down on South U? Man oh man, I am so flattered and excited about this one. Uuuuuuugh but the weather is going to be awful. Come see me and make me not think about how hot and uncomfortable I am. 

This painting is one of my newest, of my babe'n friend Betsy. She has one of the most beautiful profiles I have ever seen, so DUH I had to paint it. 

Does anyone need to commission a painting? Because I'm totally available, regardless of how busy I say I am. Shoot me an e-mail----katieaeberts@gmail.com


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Bow Project

Dearest friends, family, animal lovers, bike riders, and cake eaters---

Maybe some of you know that I love playing music almost as much as I love making art---piano, violin, percussion, guitar...kazoo... This project is about violin-- I haven't been able to play for a few weeks because my bow needs to be restrung, and it's driving me crazy! But restringing is a little expensive, especially for a starving artist like me. If you want to help me out a bit, that would make me the happiest! Here's the deal---in exchange for $10, I will paint an original 5x7 watercolor for you and ship it through the good ol' USPS. You just give me an idea of what to paint---an animal, food, adjective, dream, whatever---and I'll do what I do best. And both of us win! I get to play with the folk group at my church again, and you get a lovely to hang on your wall. The best, right?? So excited! Let's get this started, click on the button!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

So many good-looking people

What a weekend! Mixed feelings about the show in Chelsea---it was great in that I met some really nice people, sold a few of my favorite pieces (the bunnies! I will miss them! But this really cool girl took them home, so I can't be that upset), and saw lots of family (I am related to so many good-looking people). But the show setup was pretty bad, as was the turnout. C'mon people! Support local artists!

I'll be in Kalamazoo next, for Art on the Mall (which is June 7 & 8? I think?), which I am SO looking forward to!

I updated my portfolio with new work, so check it out--- HAPPY LIFE STUDIO

If all this wasn't cool enough, I'm also on the cover of City Pulse mag, out of East Lansing!