Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Betsy is Babe'n

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in my Bow Project! My bow is fixed and I am happily making some nice pieces for you all. I actually got a few in the mail last week----keep a lookout for yours if you haven't received it yet, it's coming I promise! I'm getting a reality check right now---art fairs are coming up and I need to get on the stick. First up in June is Art on the Mall in Kalamazoo on June 7 & 8---I'm very excited about this one! I did the KIA Bronson Park last year, which happens at the same time, and so I'm interested to see how this one is going to go. And I get to stay with my beyond cool Aunt Susan. So....it's going to be the best weekend ever? That actually wasn't a question. And my mom is coming too, so, yeah this is going to be the best! 

Did I write about how I am an invited artist to the Ann Arbor Art Fair, down on South U? Man oh man, I am so flattered and excited about this one. Uuuuuuugh but the weather is going to be awful. Come see me and make me not think about how hot and uncomfortable I am. 

This painting is one of my newest, of my babe'n friend Betsy. She has one of the most beautiful profiles I have ever seen, so DUH I had to paint it. 

Does anyone need to commission a painting? Because I'm totally available, regardless of how busy I say I am. Shoot me an e-mail----katieaeberts@gmail.com


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