Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Bow Project

Dearest friends, family, animal lovers, bike riders, and cake eaters---

Maybe some of you know that I love playing music almost as much as I love making art---piano, violin, percussion, guitar...kazoo... This project is about violin-- I haven't been able to play for a few weeks because my bow needs to be restrung, and it's driving me crazy! But restringing is a little expensive, especially for a starving artist like me. If you want to help me out a bit, that would make me the happiest! Here's the deal---in exchange for $10, I will paint an original 5x7 watercolor for you and ship it through the good ol' USPS. You just give me an idea of what to paint---an animal, food, adjective, dream, whatever---and I'll do what I do best. And both of us win! I get to play with the folk group at my church again, and you get a lovely to hang on your wall. The best, right?? So excited! Let's get this started, click on the button!

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