Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer huh?

My life has been taken over by art fairs! Kidding. Sort of. I just got done with the Ann Arbor Art Fair last week and MAN OH MAN was it hot! And long! But I had the best time ever, I got to see all of my favorite people from college and life, and I honestly felt like the most popular girl in the world. So if any of you lovelies read this, know that I am so so happy to have seen your face! I sold some of my favorite pieces---the girl watering flowers, the bunnies, the fisherman hauling up the sea (which I don't have a scan of because it was way too big! It exists on instagram, though, so follow me there if you want to see it), the girl in shorteralls, and the two friends canoeing. All gone off to good homes and good people! That always makes me the happiest.

One last art fair on the horizon----Boat Show, here in my hometown of Hessel, MI, on August 10---its going to be a blasty blast, promise, so come out if you are in the area!

Also really exciting news---I'm going to be moving out to Nevada for 7 months! It's going to be really great to get a taste of desert life, so hopefully lots of sketches and paintings coming this way. National Park central let's go!